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and were looking for new club members.

Metal Detecting, Fossils, Glass Bottles, Arrow Heads, Civil War Relics, etc.

If you enjoy hunting Virginia's lost relics & antiques, or the discovery of lost homesteads and history, this organization is for you.

What is CVHR

CVHR provides a way for people to connect and meet with others throughout Virginia with like interests.
Metal Detecting, Fossils, Glass Bottles, Arrow Heads, Civil War Relics, and the list goes on.

CVHR may schedule meetings and group hunts from time to time.
Metal Detecting Mid 1800's Farm House - Pamplin Virginia

Who Runs The Club

Simple answer; It's member's
Although Blaine Bush & Jay Rice are the founders of CVHR, it's members mainly organize, manage, share information and meetings thru CVHR's online Forums. The founders are responsible that rules and regulations are strictly followed by it's members.

Work In Progress......

CVHR is off to a good start and we have plenty of work to do

Tee Shirts with CVHR logo.
Currently we are working on Tee shirts to help promote our club, interests & recruit new members. Proceeds will go towards keeping the site & club up and running for years to come.

Official Member & Promotional Media.
Land permission slips, Member club cards and more will be added to a member download area of the club's site.

We have many more irons in the fire that we will soon introduce to our club members.